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Thomson Airways

Thank You to all the cabin crew on the flight home from Faro and from Luton for Letting me help out!

Virgin Australia

Firstly, a massive thank you to Virgin Australia for donating these items and sending all the way from Australia!

A special thank you to Lisa Ingram at Virgin Australia and Philippa Murray for helping me develop my blog.

Here are the items:

[Left: The Virgin Australia Cabin Crew Wings on Uniform Scarf. Right: Pilots wings on scarf.]

Virgin Australia Makeup Look

(The products mentioned in this post are my personal opinions and what I use, you should not feel obliged to use the same products!)

--- The Virgin Australia  uniform standards guide suggests using the cosmetic brand Model Co and the company use a cherry red/ bright red lipstick.
To begin with, apply a moisturiser or primer to your face, this will help your makeup to stay on for longer and it will stop your foundation or BB cream sinking into your pores. I recommend using the GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer in Clear which you can purchase from Superdrug. This primer is really good at creating a smooth and pore filled …


Here is cabin crew crazy's exclusive interview with Hayley from life as a butterfly.

1) Why did you want to work for BA?
I first started working for BA when I was in my second year of my university degree and to be honest I had never really given it much thought before. I wanted a job in the travel and tourism industry that would allow me to travel. I first applied for Virgin and Monarch and got two big fat rejections and then I applied for BA City Flyer and was over the moon when I got the job! I flew for City Flyer for a year out of LCY and then I left to focus on my final dissertation at university. I then worked as a holiday rep for a summer, taught travel and tourism and cabin crew at a college for a few years and then went to Thailand to be an English teacher before traveling across Asia and Australia. I remember sitting eating my breakfast in the most beautiful location, where I watched the waves on one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to on the island of Gill…

This safety card was donated by Comair Limited

Thomas Cook

A big thank you to Thomas Cook Airlines for donating the following items! #tca

The airlines uniform ties and scarf. [Left to right: new thomas cook tie, old-edition uniform tie and new edition ladies scarf.]

The airlines old-edition name badge.

Thanks to Holly for modelling the airlines old scarf and shirt!

The Duty-free magazine, which features tax discount products for customers.

The airline even offers a service of buying your items before your holiday and then they can be delivered to your seat. [see Airshoppen for more details.]
Left, the airlines food carton. The food has been chosen by chef James Martin.

(When I was on work experience with them, I had a roast dinner meal and it wa

British Airways and British Airways opertated by Comair