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Mock Aircraft Galley

Here is my instructions on how to make your very own mock aircraft galley!

You will need

*A large box that opens
*Storage on wheels
*A large tray/ card board box
*Old food and drink packaging
*Old shampoo and old perfume bottles
*Toy coffee machine/ Kettle

1) Clear out the draws of a storage space
2) Take you food and drink packaging and place theses in the draws
3) Now take your large box that has a flap that can be used as a door and place this on top of your storage facility. Now add food boxes to make the box feel like and aircraft steam oven.
4)Then place your large tray or cardboard box and place this on top of the "oven". After fill this with spare drink bottles tea, hot chocolate or cups and sources.
5)Next take a storage solution on wheels and place your "Duty Free" in there.
For your duty free you can use old perfume bottles, shampoo bottles, bags and many more!
6) Add a toy coffee machine or kettle to finish the look.
You are now ready to serve passeng…

Airline Reviews

British Airways- BA56- JNB to LHR
Here is the review of my British Airways flight from Johannesburg to London Heathrow!

Boarding the aircraft was very smooth as they called us up in rows.
When we boarded the aircraft the cabin crew on board were polite and helpful during boarding we were delayed on the way to JNB from Heathrow as the gangway got stuck to the aircraft!

The crew on board the flight made us feel welcome and comfortable throughout the flight.

However when the inflight dinner service came round they told me that my child's meal had not been catered for. The crew then searched all the aircraft cabins until they found me a child's me.

One of the crew that shined for me was Lauren.
She took me on a personal tour of the aircraft when on her break and made all of the young travellers feel happy.

When we landed Lauren was more than happy to have a photo with me a special memory that will remain.

My Ratings

A380-800 aircraft - 5 stars- A beautiful aircraft for the crew an…