Airline Reviews

British Airways- BA56- JNB to LHR

Here is the review of my British Airways flight from Johannesburg to London Heathrow!

Boarding the aircraft was very smooth as they called us up in rows.
When we boarded the aircraft the cabin crew on board were polite and helpful during boarding we were delayed on the way to JNB from Heathrow as the gangway got stuck to the aircraft!

The crew on board the flight made us feel welcome and comfortable throughout the flight.

However when the inflight dinner service came round they told me that my child's meal had not been catered for. The crew then searched all the aircraft cabins until they found me a child's me.

One of the crew that shined for me was Lauren.
She took me on a personal tour of the aircraft when on her break and made all of the young travellers feel happy.

When we landed Lauren was more than happy to have a photo with me a special memory that will remain.

My Ratings

A380-800 aircraft - 5 stars- A beautiful aircraft for the crew and passengers

The service- 5 stars- The crew delivered a high standard of service to all travel classes on board

Food and Beverages- The beverage selection was vast however the food options for the special meal I ordered was the same.

Thomas Cook Airlines- STN to PMI to STN

Here is my review of Thomas Cook Airlines.

When we checked in the waiting time for many people was 30-50 minutes.
Fortunately for me I was allowed to use the priority check in as I was attending my FAM flight.

Once we had checked in we passed through security this was at the most approximately 5 minutes.

After security I had enough time to look round the shops without rushing to the gate.

Once arriving at the gate we were taken to the aircraft by a ground staff member as the Cabin Manager Hollie Amor was waiting for me to outline the flight and the days layout.

The crew helped passengers to there seats and also assisted people who needed to swap seats.

 up the trolleys for the on board service.

After that I helped at the front of the aircraft and talked to the Cabin Manager about her recruitment experience with the airline.

I then made the on board PA for Bingo Cards all the money went to the airlines charity!

Then it was time to land at PMI we then said goodbye to all the customers and the proceeded to turn the aircraft round.

We were flying on a Airbus A321 it was huge and I got to change the toilet paper and towels in the lavatories.

Then we did the same routine when we flew back to Stansted.

A great day all round.

Definitely my chosen career path.


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