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Thomas Cook

About the Day 3am get up and get dressed 3:30AM set off to STN airport 4:30AM arrive and check in for the FAM flight 5AM Security 5:40 arrive at aircraft A321 meet the team captain- Hamish 1st officer- Ollie Cabin manager-Holly Crew- Agata-Michelle aka Patsy-Christine aka Crusty and Crums -Angela-Charlotte and Sian (FAM flight) 6am Take off 6:15am start to help cabin crew on board 6:45am PA for bingo cards all money went to the Thomas Cook Airlines Children Charity 9am Land at PMI  turn aircraft round 10am welcome passengers on board 10:45 Pa for bingo cards all money went to the Thomas Cook Airlines Children Charity 12am land 1pm home  THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE THOMAS COOK CABIN CREW ON BOARD YOU ARE AMAZING!
Below are the goodies I was sent before and after the trip!

British Airways and British Airways opertated by Comair


Hello All,

I had the fabulous opportunity to visit the base at East Midlands Airport on the 30th of April 2016. A huge thank you to all of the amazing team and a huge thank you to Sarah Marshall for organising the visit and Jade Wagstaff who was the Duty Manager that day!


At 10 AM, I arrived at the airport and headed to the brightly signed and Jet2holidays desk to meet the team and make them aware that I had arrived. Shortly after speaking to the person on the desk, Jade (the Duty Manager) came down from the offices to meet me. I introduced myself and we talked about the details of the day.

Then we went on a quick tour of the check-in area for inside the terminal. Jet2 have a huge check-in area in EMA and their signature colours can be seen everywhere!  After that, I visited the airport security desk to receive my temporary airside pass - this would allow me to go airside. I then sat at the Jet2 and Jet2holidays customer service desk for a while and helpe…