Budapest 2017


Here is my latest travel journey... enjoy!

My family and I travelled down to London Heathrow Terminal 3 in Easter Half term to fly to BUD (Budapest). We arrived at 11 am and checked-in swiftly then we proceeded to security and then went to the departure lounge. I don't like terminal 3 as it only has quick/ pick-up and go café style areas. I love terminal 5 because you have more options for food and drink!
Arriving at Terminal Three!

We then heard the flight announcement over the PA system and proceeded to the gate. Heathrow are renovating and had most of the gate ways were boarded up!

When we got to the gate we queued up and then scanned our boarding passes and had our passports checked then the ENTIRE passenger load was put on a tiny coach and then driven over to the aircraft. (Sorry to rant- it just has to be said!)

 Once we boarded BA874 we found our seats in Euro Traveller; we flew Club Europe on the way home!

The Cabin Crew were great!


The View from My Window!
We arrived in a very sunny Budapest and took a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton as we booked our holiday via British Airways.

The hotel is amazing and very luxurious!

The bedroom was huge and we had a balcony which we could open and go out on; the view from the balcony was amazing you could see a Ferris Wheel and the dome of St Stephens Basilica.

We unpacked and then went out to explore the sights of Budapest.

We went up Buda hill (we were staying in pest), went on the hop-on hop-off bus, saw the Holy Relic (St Stephen's Mummified Hand), went to see the synagogue (Unfortunately it was closed for pass over), went on a river cruise, walked over and back one of the bridges and ate in some brilliant restaurants!
Bedroom at the Ritz Carlton and having a mock tail in the bar!


The Donut Library - Budapest
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The Donut Library is an amazing place to visit if you get the chance; make sure to try the Nutella donuts! Follow them on Instagram!


Inside St Stephan's Basilica
Outside St Stephen's Basilica


I was in love with this beautiful city and now I had to leave!

We flew home with British Airways in Club Europe, this meant we had: priority check-in, access to the lounge, priority boarding, free drinks and snacks, priority disembarkation and our luggage came out first at baggage reclaim!

The flight home was amazing but the special meal I had was not so good. They are always the same and you never have an option.

Apart from that I loved the flight, I talked to the Customer Service Manager about British Airways and Cabin Crew and her journey into BA. I also talked to her about the new service training British Airways have introduced and cabin crew training.

Airport Lounge at Budapest Terminal 2B


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