New York - I made it!


I travelled with British Airways on Sunday the 28th of May 2017.

Our flight was delayed due to a technical fault as the flight deck could not read the fuel gage accurately.

After the flight took off, we were given an include meal and drink service. The crew then did a duty free service.

I then went to talk to the cabin crew about their job and also got to complete a tray drink service.
I learnt how to deliver customer service to both World Traveller and World Traveller Plus.


When we arrived at JFK, we disembarked the Boeing 777 and walked through the bridge and followed the sigs for passport control.

As I was a returning ESTA, it meant that I could use a quicker queue to enter the US.

You use a special machine that scans your passport and then you answer some questions, then at the end of the process you receive a receipt (or reference). You then show this to the boarder force officer and they check your passport (you may also have to give finger print scans).


We then took an iconic NYC taxi to our hotel; the YOTEL!


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