Back Home - British Airways: My Travel Experience = Not Very Good

I am now home in the United Kingdom and wow what a flight I had home!

So...Where do I start?

I flew from JFK (New York) terminal seven on the 1st of June 2017 to LHR (London Heathrow).

My flight was delayed by 30 minutes as the outbound flight from London departed late!
Once the aircraft arrived, I knew this flight was going to feel long. We were flying on a Boeing 747-400 series aircraft; I do not like the B747 as it feels very old. (It is actually over 20 years old!) #BAWorldWideFleet #BACabinCrew

Also, the World Traveller seats are the old design which host a smaller entertainment system screen and generally the cabins are much more like an office block. (The ceiling is flat and like a building)

After I boarded, I walked through Club World  to reach my seat in World Traveller, the cabin was boiling and after boarding was complete we were sat waiting to leave the gate for a while.

We the took off and to my surprise, my screen was not working! (Honestly, I thought that this would happen!) The crew then reset the entertainment system and then my screen worked! (Yay)

Now... The meal service.

The crew came around with special meals; but mine was not there!
I then asked the crew when they came around with the 'normal' service and I asked if mine had been catered for.
When the cabin crew member came back, he told me that he could not find it in the galley, so I had to have a 'normal' meal. I then asked for pasta as that was my preferred option.
To my horror, the crew member had given me Chicken Curry!

I eventually got my pasta! It was okay, but as airline meals are ready made, then cooked on the ground and then put on board after that they are heated up. Therefore, my pasta was crunchy and a bit hard. The flavour was good and not bland like so much airline food.

I then went to sleep for a while.

When I woke we were an hour from London and the next 'meal' service was coming around.

To cut corners and prices, British Airways have decided to do a snacks service and on our route, we were given an option of: Soreen Bread Loaf or a Kellogg Strawberry Cereal Bar.

Anyway, we soon landed in London and we then disembarked, went through boarder control and then we were collected by our taxi driver and drove home!

So that is my travel journey on the way home!

Happy Travels Everyone!


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