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What is the Air Training Corps? (ATC//RAFAC)

Recently, I attended an open event for the ATC/ RAFAC a youth military organisation in the UK.

So what is it?
Like I said, it's a youth military organisation mainly revolving around the RAF - royal air force. Cadets can join from the age of 12-17 and you can stay until you age out! Once you are a cadet, you can take part in a lot of activities such as going flying!

What do you have to do?
In RAFAC - although sometimes it's called the ATC (air training corps) - cadets are taught drill, uniform standards and how to look after their uniform, the history of the ATC and other aspects of the Royal Air Force. You can work towards BTECs and gain extra qualifications that are useful for later on in life.

Yes, there is training, you join as a recruit and are in training for about 6 months. After the 6 months, you pass out and are a cadet. The training programme is designed to give you the knowledge you will need for your time in the ATC and will allow you to develop skills!

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British Airways Crew Letter : Uniform, Pros, Cons and Crew Opinion

I recently, purchased a cravat from eBay for my uniform collection and the lovely crew member who was selling it also wrote me a lovely letter. This is her experience at the UK's national flag carrier British Airways... Enjoy!
Meet Sam, she has been working for the UK national flag carrier airline - British Airways - but soon she will be 'hanging up her wings for a while' as she takes a break from flying... Here is what she had to say about working as cabin crew in a short-haul and long-haul flying environment.
Within her note, I was happy to hear that British Airways is the company to join if you want to gain amazing life experience. However, whilst it is and can be extremely difficult on the body, it is also 'one of the best things [she] has ever done' and has opened many opportunities to her. Since starting flying, Sam has been to every continent except Antarctica - of course - and she has had some amazing experiences, such as getting to do/ see: the Great …

UK Passenger told to “cover up” or get removed!

A UK passenger travelling with Thomas Cook was recently told that the outfit she wore on her flight from Birmingham to Tenerife was “inappropriate” by the crew on board.

Emily O’Connor who claims her outfit is acceptable to fly was left “shaking” after her ordeal. The 21 year old claims that when she boarded the flight, crew members surrounded a told her to cover up.

Miss O’Connor also said that whilst she was arguing that her outfit wasn’t inappropriate he faced verbal comments from other passengers. She claims that the crew “did nothing” when she was told she needed to “shut up” and that she was a “pathetic woman” by a male passenger on board; which with all the tension building further left her feeling “shaking and upset”.

After this, she took to Twitter to express her anger and upset at the situation:

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Why being Cabin Crew isn't just about serving beef or chicken!

For many of the public, they believe that cabin crew are 'waiters in the sky' but if you ask cabin crew they'll disagree. For all airlines, there are tough  training programmes crammed with many practical and written examinations to ensure that the next employed crew are the best trained for the job. On top of this, crew have to go back to training every year to prove they are still able to fly; this means more door drills and exams - usually within a couple of days.
Cabin crew jobs are difficult to gain as many future recruits apply every month for only a hundred or so jobs, this makes it extremely competitive. The application process can take months to find out if you are successful in gaining employment and for many this doesn't happen the first time around. (Some cabin crew hopefuls then have to wait up to six months to re-apply!)

On top of competition to get the 'job of their dreams' - as mentioned before - they have to attend training. Airlines in the UK …

Teriffic TUI Uniforms

-- A massive thanks to Alison Elkes at TUI for helping me write this post with the information she provided. --
TUI Airways [Thomson Airways]is the largest charter airline in the world. Carrying 11.2 million travellers in 2017 to their holidays, TUI offers a wide route network and the ability to travel abroad for its cabin crew.

As TUI is a package deal company, when a customer books a holiday their hotel, flights, transfer and travel agents will be TUI – therefore it is important for the company to have a consistent brand experience and so all customer facing roles wear the same/similar uniforms that show the brand as one big family.
Customer facing colleagues are the face of the airline and so it is important that they follow the uniform standards guide to ensure their uniform is up-to-standard.

Core Uniform Items
The TUI uniform jacket is a dark blue/navy and compliments the brands colour scheme of: red, white, light blue and dark blue. The jacket gives a professional look to th…

South African Airways Uniform

Firstly, a massive thanks to South African Airways for flying uniform items from their JNB base to London Heathrow. #flysaa

The items were sent out of JNB in the evening and landed in the UK the next morning, then I went to Heathrow terminal 2 to collect them that weekend.

What is the uniform like then?

The uniform is royal/bright blue; the female crew can either wear: trousers, a skirt or a dress.
The dress has patterns on the pockets which add to the elegance of the dress.
With this they wear a white shirt (if they aren't wearing the dress) and a jacket which is also royal/bright blue. The jacket has three buttons which should be fastened when worn.

To finish of the look, female crew wear a scarf that features all the colours that are on the Republic of South Africa flag, which are: blue, red, green, yellow, black and white.

Overall, in my opinion, the uniform is lovely and shows the spirit of South Africa which looks amazing with the aircraft livery and style.

Eurostar - Items and Uniform Pieces

I would like to give a massive thank you to Eurostar for donating such a large volume of information to my blog! In addition to that another massive thank you to Lesley Retallack for getting these items together and organising them before sending them out!

Eurostar, is a company that many Brits will know as a provider of easy transport into Europe via London. I myself have travelled on the Eurostar to Paris and Belgium, however more recently I went on the Eurotunnel with school.

Thanks again Eurostar!

Here are the items below:

 The Eurostar scarf has many shades including various blue tones and a bright yellow. It also features the company logo and a 'Celebrating 20 years of Eurostar' logo. [Middle]

The name badge has been specially made for me and features my name and the language I speak. [Left]

A Eurostar diary which has space to record when your vacation is and when you are busy. [Right]
[A closer picture of the name badge can be found below in the blog post.]

 [Right] An…