New Post Idea!

Hi Everyone,

I have an idea to start a blogpost about the application process to become cabin crew or, the entire application journey (online application, tests, what to wear to the AD, interview and questions!)

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Travel Journeys

British Airways

South Africa March 2016

Hi Everyone,

I travelled to South Africa earlier this year from British Airways from Heathrow 'The home of BA'.
The cabin crew were amazing and I spent a lot of the flight talking to Lauren. She is an asset to the company and is new to the flying community. The new aircraft BA have ordered is the A380-800 this aircraft is spacious and the services the airline offer are amazing.

See you on my travels soon!

Hi Everyone,

I travelled to New York from London Heathrow Terminal 5 with British Airways in October 2016.
The cabin crew on flight BA113 were amazing.
The Captain came down from the cockpit mid flight to take me on a tour of the B777 and a cabin tour. I even got to sit in a First Class seat!
Also I helped the crew deliver the seccond service in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus handing out cold breakfast items.

Once we arrived in the big Apple we drove to our hotel and had a sneak in the bar.
I saw a lot of the sights such as …

Thomson Airways

Thank You to all the cabin crew on the flight home from Faro and from Luton for Letting me help out!

Virgin Australia


Mock Aircraft Galley

Here is my instructions on how to make your very own mock aircraft galley!

You will need

*A large box that opens
*Storage on wheels
*A large tray/ card board box
*Old food and drink packaging
*Old shampoo and old perfume bottles
*Toy coffee machine/ Kettle

1) Clear out the draws of a storage space
2) Take you food and drink packaging and place theses in the draws
3) Now take your large box that has a flap that can be used as a door and place this on top of your storage facility. Now add food boxes to make the box feel like and aircraft steam oven.
4)Then place your large tray or cardboard box and place this on top of the "oven". After fill this with spare drink bottles tea, hot chocolate or cups and sources.
5)Next take a storage solution on wheels and place your "Duty Free" in there.
For your duty free you can use old perfume bottles, shampoo bottles, bags and many more!
6) Add a toy coffee machine or kettle to finish the look.
You are now ready to serve passeng…