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Hello Everyone,

I would like to start this blog by saying a huge thank you to for letting me visit the SIM centre to experience cabin crew training! (Scroll down for videos!)


I drove up to Leeds Bradford with my dad to the training centre at 9:00 AM on the 9th of September to arrive at the centre for 12:00 for the training.

In total, the training session was 2h30 minutes long.

James and Louise took me around the centre and I got to: do the safety demonstration, open the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 757-200 door, slide down the B737 and B757 evacuation slides, serve coffee and tea in the customer service mock-up cabin, learn about pilot incapacitation, fight a fire in both and over head locker and on a seat, wear a smoke hood and learnt how to correctly fit one, use a BCF (a pressurised water one as BCF's are highly toxic!), learnt how to operate and use an aircraft wheelchair, saw a flight simulator, did a fire in the cabin exercise, learnt how to find…

Porto Santo: Thomson Airways and TUI

Hi Everyone,

I have just returned from my holiday in Porto Santo where we stayed at the TUI resort of Pestana Columbus Premium Club. We flew out from Birmingham International Airport and returned the week later. You can fly to this destination from MAN (Manchester), BHX (Birmingham) and LGW (London Gatwick). Flights are on Mondays only as TUI operated by Thomson Airways are charter airlines meaning flights are based around package holidays. (ad-hock basis).

The Pestana Columbus Premium Club is advertised as a small premium all-inclusive resort on the tiny island of Porto Santo near the island of Madeira. The island has a beautiful beach that spans nearly the whole length of the island. The sand claims to have healing powers and if you bury a part of your body under the sand for 30 minutes; you will feel completely refreshed and your skin will be softer

The hotel had a twin hotel which you have access to both hotels facilities and had a bar with singer or musician each night. On a Wedn…

Travel Packing Tips

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to tell you my favourite packing tips which enable me to travel light and to not over pack.


Tip Number One

Before you pack, lay out all of the items you want to take with you and then eliminate one-third of these items; this will help you not to over pack.
Tip Number Two
First place your shoes inside your case and then pad them up with: socks, underwear or tights. Always place your shoes at the bottom of the case as they are quite   heavy and, if they are placed at the top of the suitcase as this will make the case topple over.
Tip Number Three

Once you have placed your shoes in, roll up t-shirts or anything soft to pad around them and make sure you always fill gaps. You could use packing cubes to organise your suitcase to make it easier to unpack when you arrive at your destination.

Tip Number Four

If traveling with cabin luggage or checked-in luggage, you should pack miniature products to enable you to have more space to purchase items down route. You can…

New York City - Day Three

Hello World Wide Viewers,

Today I visited the Intrepid Space Museum and went on the Concorde exhibit.

Also, I got to close the Concorde door!

Here are my photo highlights!

(Pictures of me shutting the door at the bottom!)


                          Me closing the British Airways Concorde door. (Door 1L)


New York City - Day Two

Hi Everyone,

Here is my update for my second day in NYC.

Today I visited: Ellis Island, Liberty Island, the 9/11 Memorial, Trinity Church, Battery Park and went on the Subway/Metro!

Here are the photos: