Porto Santo: Thomson Airways and TUI

Hi Everyone,

I have just returned from my holiday in Porto Santo where we stayed at the TUI resort of Pestana Columbus Premium Club. We flew out from Birmingham International Airport and returned the week later. You can fly to this destination from MAN (Manchester), BHX (Birmingham) and LGW (London Gatwick). Flights are on Mondays only as TUI operated by Thomson Airways are charter airlines meaning flights are based around package holidays. (ad-hock basis).

The Pestana Columbus Premium Club is advertised as a small premium all-inclusive resort on the tiny island of Porto Santo near the island of Madeira. The island has a beautiful beach that spans nearly the whole length of the island. The sand claims to have healing powers and if you bury a part of your body under the sand for 30 minutes; you will feel completely refreshed and your skin will be softer

The hotel had a twin hotel which you have access to both hotels facilities and had a bar with singer or musician each night. On a Wednesday, the hotel is full with the other hotel guests and can get really noisy as the fire show is held in the centre of the hotel concourse. After the show, which is around thirty minutes, the kids disco is held followed by the adult disco. Which if you have a room in the main part of the hotel you can hear the loud music; which is on till late in the day.

Apart from that live packed entertainment night, there is not much more entertainment as it is mostly held in the sister hotel the Pestana Porto Santo. The kids club and teenage hang out zone is also situated in the Pestana Porto Santo.


We arrived on the Monday quite late in the day, as we were delayed so the hotel had left dinner in our bedrooms. After landing at PXO, we proceeded through passport control and then collected our luggage which we had checked-in. Once we had collected our luggage, we proceeded through customs and was greeted by a TUI Resort Representative who handed us our welcome pack and showed us to our private transfer driver Maria who then drove us to the hotel.

(You can book a private taxi transfer separately online before you travel as you are automatically given the option to arrive at the hotel via coach. Arriving by coach can take a while as you have to wait for everyone else to come through Passport control and customs before you can set off.)


On the first morning, we proceeded to the TUI information board and found out where the welcome meeting was being held. (at the other hotel!)

We went over to the other hotel to have a look around before visiting the TUI welcome meeting. After finding the bar it was being held, we went to the meeting but did not stick around for long.


For most of the holiday, I went to the beach and swam in the sea; gently bobbing up and down in the waves. I also: swam in the pool, did some sun bathing and chilled out!

I also went on some trips: The Tuxi trip around the island and the Bucaty yacht.

On yacht, we did a bit of snorkelling around one of the islands and saw a pod of dolphins!


This holiday was amazing! We had the best weather, food, sea conditions, location, cabin crew and tour operator!


The cabin crew on the flight out TOM7179, let me help out collecting in the rubbish and taught me so much more about airport standbys as both Kirsty and Sam had been called out on standby that day.

Thanks so much to Tia, Sam and Kirsty for letting me help out and learn so much!


I will be blogging again soon but for now,

Happy Travels!

By the Pool


Dessert at the Mediterranean themed restaurant! 

In the aircraft cabin

Kirsty, Tia and me (L-R)

'This is your junior captain speaking!'- B757-200 Cockpit



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