Hello All,

I had the fabulous opportunity to visit the base at East Midlands Airport on the 30th of April 2016. A huge thank you to all of the amazing team and a huge thank you to Sarah Marshall for organising the visit and Jade Wagstaff who was the Duty Manager that day!


At 10 AM, I arrived at the airport and headed to the brightly signed and Jet2holidays desk to meet the team and make them aware that I had arrived. Shortly after speaking to the person on the desk, Jade (the Duty Manager) came down from the offices to meet me. I introduced myself and we talked about the details of the day.

Then we went on a quick tour of the check-in area for inside the terminal. Jet2 have a huge check-in area in EMA and their signature colours can be seen everywhere!  After that, I visited the airport security desk to receive my temporary airside pass - this would allow me to go airside. I then sat at the Jet2 and Jet2holidays customer service desk for a while and helped passengers deal with their issues.

At 11AM, Jade came to collect me and we met one of her colleagues who worked in the Cabin Crew department. The three of us then proceeded to the staff security section and went through the area. (It is the same as normal security but they also check your airside pass.) We then exited the area and made our way round out of the terminal and into a section that loads passenger bags and scans them. The system of baggage movement at EMA is very efficient and men work round the clock to get everything ready for the departing flight; their are a lot of bags coming through every hour.

Once passed this section, we moved on to the air traffic control tower. We entered the control tower and walked up a flight of stairs to a lift and then travelled up to the top floor. (The tower was very high!) Then at the top, we had a tour of the control centre. The equipment showed us where all of the aircraft in the airports airspace were and the schedule for the day. Each screen had a detailed image of aircraft and their details. After we had finished on the top floor, we then went down in the lift and visited an area where people were sat with radars and a radio system to the pilots flying.
The ATC building was very interesting.

Immediately after that, we proceeded back to the terminal and to the check-in area. At this time, passengers were arriving in the terminal and starting to check-in for their flights. (These flights would be leaving in the afternoon.) The company had several flights departing that afternoon and it was essential that they had a smooth check-in process - so they could depart on time. I went behind the counter of a check-in desk and watched how the staff: efficiently checked-in passengers, assisted them with queries and gave outstanding service. The check-in process can be very simple however -with a never ending queue of customers- it can become a huge work load.

At about 01:00PM, we assembled in the crew room to have lunch and see the crew briefing before they jetted of to sunny destinations. The weather in UK that day was very miserable; rain and cloud. (The passengers had booked the perfect time to escape the weather.)

Our lunch break was short as we had flights landing and departing all afternoon so it was vital we were prepared. Jade and I went back through the security channel and walked down some secret corridors that passengers don't even know are there! We then came out at a door that lead into the main passenger area and proceeded to an aircraft gate, where some of the ground staff team where waiting.

After arriving at the gate, we exited the door that lead onto the tarmac and made our way over to an aircraft that was in the process of turnaround and we assisted the crew who were preparing for the next flight. Then we disembarked the aircraft and moved on to the next Boeing on the stand. Our next aircraft was starting to board and I visited the flight deck and helped the crew board passengers. Whilst boarding a customer with mobility issues, I asked passengers to wait outside the main boarding door so we could allow that passenger to board via the right-hand door.
Meeting and greeting customers makes the airport journey complete and it makes the customers feel cared for by the same familiar faces.

Then after the aircrafts pushed back, it was time for me to leave EMA. I had a wonderful day.

A massive thank you to for doing this! Thank You!

 Jet2 and Jet2holiday customer service counter and team at EMA                               ATC Balcony                       

EMA Check-in Desk                                           Me and Jade        

Baggage section at EMA: Behind the scenes and the View from ATC.


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