Eurostar - Items and Uniform Pieces

Dear All,

I have been meaning to do this blogpost for ages now but haven't had much time as I have been run-off my feet with work and homework!

Secondly, I would like to give a massive thank you to Eurostar for donating such a large volume of information to my blog! In addition to that another massive thank you to Lesley Retallack for getting these items together and organising them before sending them out!

Eurostar, is a company that many Brits will know as a provider of easy transport into Europe via London. I myself have travelled on the Eurostar to Paris and Belgium, however more recently I went on the Eurotunnel with school.

Thanks again Eurostar!

Here are the items below:

 The Eurostar scarf has many shades including various blue tones and a bright yellow. It also features the company logo and a 'Celebrating 20 years of Eurostar' logo. [Middle]

The name badge has been specially made for me and features my name and the language I speak (English, however I am also learning: German, Dutch, Swedish and French at school). [Left]

A Eurostar diary which has space to record when your vacation is and when you are busy. [Right]
[A closer picture of the name badge can be found below in the blog post.]

 [Right] An assortment of lanyards including some promotional ones used when new trains are built and unveiled. I received: a green lanyard with promotional wording, a silver lanyard with the logo, a dark green lanyard with logo, a red lanyard with company logo, a blue lanyard with logo and a thin yellow logoed lanyard used by many customer facing employees.
[Left] Information guides of the Eurostar company containing routes and the development of the company over time. (The company history.) A picture book of key events and the Eurostar's community and environment programme book.

[Left] The name badge that was specially made for me. It has my language in the bottom right-hand corner, my name at the top, my 'job' title and the Eurostar company logo in the centre at the bottom of the name badge.


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